Cremation urns

Cremation urns, furneral urns and ashes urns

Funeral urns, cremation urns and ashes urns contain the deceased person’s ashes, and some urns are buried, while others are kept as a lasting memorial. These days, there are a wide range of cremation urns available on the market, and choosing one, or an ash casket, which you are happy with is a uniquely personal choice.

How to choose the right urn?
Dealing with grief and loss maybe one of the most difficult times during life that you will ever face. Deciding how to deal with a loved one’s ashes is a personal decision. Many of our urns allow you to add your own personal touch to celebrate the uniqueness of the life it represents. Urns can offer a lasting memorial, and an ash casket can be a uniquely personal way of ensuring the person you love is never forgotten. Finding a way to honour the deceased’s life and the relationship you had with them can really help the healing process.

Some funeral urns, cremation urns or ashes urns for example, look fairly traditional, but you may prefer an urn or ash casket with a more modern appearance. If you are unsure which urn you would like it may help to look for the urn, keepsake or ash jewel that best reflects your loved ones personality. Not all cremation urns are used to hold ashes, instead, some relatives like to use an ashes urn or ash casket for the safe keeping of a special memory of their loved one, such as a lock of hair, item of jewellery or other special item. If you’re looking for cremation urns or an ash casket, bear in mind they come in various sizes.

The industry guide is that for every pound of body weight, allow one cubic inch of cremated remains. Standard funeral or cremation ashes urns for adults have a capacity of around three litres or 183 cu inch or 3.5 LItres of internal volume and are suitable for an average adult. 1 Litre is 61 cubic inches and 1 cubic inch is 0,0164 Litres. Something else which needs to be taken in to consideration when you are looking for an urn.

Where to place the urn?
Because there are so many beautiful and unique urns available, you may have difficulty in making the right selection. Before making the ‘final’ decision it must be decided where the ashes of your loved one will be placed. If it is going to be placed at home or in a columbarium niche, what size and shape urn can it accommodate? Will it be interred in your garden, an urn garden, an ashes plot or for example a family grave? Will the urn be placed indoor or outdoor? Does your cemetery or columbarium require a specific type of urn be used? You also may wish to keep a small amount of the ashes in a keepsake urn or item of ash jewellery. These are some of the things you should take into account before you make your selection. Pleas click here for further information on the ash destination.

Which product?
Choosing the right product really depends on what you intend to do with your loved ones ashes. There are three main options available.

Keep (a part of) the ashes at home in an cremation Urn, Casket or ash jewellery
You may wish to keep your loved ones ashes close to you as an everlasting memory by placing them into an urn, casket or item of ashes jewellery. We have a range of cremation urns and many kinds of ash caskets available which are suitable to be kept either indoors in a favorite place or outdoors. With the right ash casket and ashes jewellery, you’ll have a small part of your loved one with you for always.

Burial of the ashes
You may choose to bury the urn or casket in an ashes plot or family grave, alternatively they can be interred in a columbarium or crypt. It is also possible to choose for an biodegradable urn. These urns are specially designed to be durable and will not begin to biodegrade until they are placed in earth or water. This allows families to wait until they are ready to bury the ashes.

Scatter the ashes
You may wish to scatter your loved ones ashes in a memorable location and for example plant a ‘memory’ tree. In the biodegradable ashes urns section you will find our scattering tubes.

Which materials are used?
We offer funeral urns made of Aluminium, Brass, Bronze, Glass, Wood, Ceramics, Fiberglass, Nature stone (Marble and Granite), Porcelain, Stainless Steel, Copper and Biodegradable materials. We also offer decorative bronze and ceramic sculptures to more traditional or simple designs.

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