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Cremation Urns for Ashes and Ashes jewellery

Would you like to buy a beautiful cremation ash pendant or a unique cremation urn for ashes? At legendURN you will find a wide range of urns for ashes, ashes jewellery and other related products that are manufactured with love and care. We help you in an open, modern and customer-friendly way to select a tangible remembrance of your loved one. Your wishes are central to this. By cooperating with various artists we are able to meet your exact requirements. We understand that you may have many questions before choosing an urn or ash jewel. Therefore, you can read here what you need to consider before buying an urn. Should you have any further questions after reading this page, feel free to contact us by telephone or email and we will be happy to help you.

Ashes jewellery, memorial products and urns for human ashes

The day we are confronted with death through the loss of a loved one, our life will never be the same again. The loss of a loved one remains, but it can help to give grief a place, both figuratively and literally. This is possible by means of our memorial products. We have an extensive collection of cremation ash jewellery, memorial monuments and urns. Whether your loved one is cremated or buried, we always have a special remembrance product that suits them.

Unique ashes jewellery with beautiful designs

Ashes jewellery is becoming increasingly popular. Ashes jewellery comes in various forms, such as ash charms, cremation rings, ash neckaces or pendants, ash bracelets and gemstones. Ashes jewellery has a hollow space that can be filled with a symbolic amount of cremation ash, soil or dust. In this way, you can always carry your loved one with you and create a tangible and dignified reminder of your loved one. Ashes jewellery is available in silver or gold, in various styles, subtle or striking and suitable to be worn by men, women and children. You can always find an ash jewel that suits your wishes. On the product page you will find more information about each specific piece of ash jewellery. Of course, you can also contact our customer service.

Largest range of indoor and outdoor cremation urns of the highest quality

The urn is still the most frequently chosen option for storing the ashes of a loved one. legendURN offers a wide range of urns in various designs and materials. A natural stone, stainless steel or bronze urn is perfectly suited for placement outdoors, while a glass or ceramic urn is better suited indoors. Various sizes are also often available. From adult-size urns to smaller keepsake urns. These mini urns can hold a portion of your loved one's ashes. For example, each child can have a little bit of the ashes of his or her parent. We also offer biodegradable urns, which you can bury in the garden or in a forest, for example, or let it dissolve in water. We also have scattering kits that allow you to simply and respectfully scatter the ashes.

Pet urns

Pets occupy an important place in our lives. They are not just our pets, but members of our family, best mates and loyal friends. Therefore, they deserve a dignified place of remembrance. We have a wide range of different types of pet urns, such as biodegradable pet urns, animal urn statues, dog urns and photo frame pet urns, a lot of time and effort has gone into the design and decoration. Our animal urns are suitable for all kinds of animals, such as dogs, cats, hamsters and birds. On the category page of animal urns, you can find more information on what size urn you need. Need more information? Feel free to contact us.  

Memorial products such as grave decorations and memorial lanterns

If you want to commemorate your loved one differently, we also sell other types of memorial products. Memorial products include special memorial monuments, grave decorations, sculpture urns, beautiful glass relics and stylish tea light holders. You can have (part of) the ashes processed in these. Because they look like works of art, it is usually impossible to see that the object contains the cremation ashes.

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Also customization is possible!

Whether it's a customized urn for ashes, a special engraving or a personalized pendant for cremation ashes, we make every effort to meet your wishes.

Customzied and custom made urns for cremation ashes