Custom made Urns for Ashes, Cremation Jewellery and Monuments from scratch

Do you have a special request? Do you want to design or customize an urn for ashes, an ash pendant or a memorial monument? We are happy to help you.

Design your own urn: personalised urn for ashes

In addition to our standard range of memorial products, we are happy to help you with specific questions and specific requests. Whether it is a personal cremation urn, a special cast to engrave, a special jewel or a specially designed urn monument; we make every effort to meet your wishes.

Realizing your own design, but how does it work?

It is quite difficult to order your specific request through an online store. That's why we explain in different steps how you can best provide information and how to proceed.

1. Provide your specific wishes
2. First stage; design and the estimated price
3. Second stage; design, delivery time and price
4. The final result

legendURN custom made funeral urns

1. Providing your specific wishes

Based on the information you have provided, we will search for the most appropriate artists from our network of suppliers. Thanks to our many years of experience, we have an extensive network of more than 100 artists from all over Europe who can do almost anything. You can submit a design yourself, describe your thoughts or send an example. We prefer that you use the contact form or that you send an e-mail so that we can constitute a well organized file on your request.

Some examples we've realized:

legendURN custom made cremation urns

The more information you provide, the more accurate we can answer you with a quote or proposal. For example, consider the following aspects:

What is your story and idea?
What do you do and don’t like?
Where should the item be placed (inside / outside) or carried?
Which material do you prefer?
Do you have any examples or references to show?
Do you like a modern or more classic design?
How much ash will be placed in the artwork?
Do you want the article to receive, for example, an image or an engraved text?

2. First stage; the design and the estimated price

Based on your provided information we will produce drawings or proposals to verify that we are talking about the same ideas. We are open to all your ideas, a lot is possible and nothing is too crazy!

With the design, you will hear the estimated price. You pay arround £40,- / $50,- for a special engraving on a jewel. And as our artists often use more exclusive types of materials, the costs for a simple design of a natural stone urn starts from £400,- / $600,- If you opt for precious metals (silver / gold), glass or stainless steel, for example, you can consider prices from £500,- / $700,- and up. Exclusive urns, ash pendants or memorial monuments that use high quality materials and require a treatment by handcraft, you can imagine prices starting from £1.000,- / $1.500,-

We do not charge any fees for making an offer or calculating a price. It is important for you and for us to know during this phase if you wish to continue the design process. But the request itself is always free.

Example of a personal design we have created:

legendURN custom made pet urns
legendURN custom made pet urns
legendURN custom made sculpture urns

3. Second stage; design, delivery time and price

Now that you have a good idea of what the final product will look like, we can - in consultation with you - make a final sketch or an image. You will receive it by e-mail so that you can see at your own convenience again if something needs to be changed. You can also check the text prints again, such as font and spelling. In this way, we avoid mistakes or bad choices.

In addition to the final design, we indicate the exact costs and the estimated delivery time. Please take into account an average delivery time of 6 weeks. The custom item is almost always made using traditional methods and this process simply takes time. Of course it is still possible to send photos of the process in the meantime.

If you accept the final design, we will ensure that a personalized article corresponding to your request is created in our online store. We will send you a link to this personalized product so you can order it from our online store.

4. The final result

As soon as the custom item is ready, it will be completely checked again by us before we send it. If it is a bulky item such as a monument, we will contact you first to agree on the time and place of delivery. If you prefer not to have the item shipped but want to pick it up yourself, this is also possible.

You will receive an e-mail from us that the item has been sent. Normally, you will receive the article within 1 to 3 working days after sending this e-mail containing the tracking number of the shipment.

legendURN custom made art or sculpture urns
legendURN custom made cremation ashes pendants
legendURN custom made sculpture urns

Funeral urns, tomb monuments and memorial stones

By her work with sculptures, bronze, drawings, carvings of stone and all other forms of craftsmanship; the artist has acquired extensive experience in making funeral urns, tomb monuments and memorial stones. By listening carefully to the wishes, peculiarities and feelings of a personal conversation, the artist is able to express these elements in shape and form. As an independent artist, she has evolved into several disciplines, offering a wide range of possibilities, from printmaking to painting, sculpturing and working bronze.

Each model is unique and custom-made, adding value to the surviving memory. Before starting the work, it begins with a design drawing, after which a clay model is produced for marble or granite works. After approval, the sculpture project can begin. The bronze models are made of wax. In special cases, it is even possible to come and visit the workshop during the working process.

Ash pendant or a memorial jewel

The creation of an ash pendant or a memorial jewel is an emotional event. First it’s hard enough to have to say goodbye to your beloved one but often you have something concrete and personal in addition to the memory of that loved one. Think of the ashes, locks of hair, fingerprints or jewels worn by your beloved. With all these tangible memories, you can have a very personal and unique jewel or item made to measure.

Consider, for example, the weddingrings of your father and mother. You can make it a personal jewel for yourself or for a member of your family. The ring can be made to measure in its original state and with a change like the addition of a diamond, or a hollow space to put in some ashes the jewel can have a new look. You can also melt gold and make it a completely new jewel.

In consultation with you, she will realize a jewel that will allow you to wear your loved one near your heart. All jewelry is handcrafted, giving you a unique and personal jewel.

Special (natural stone) sculpture

A special sculpture as a lasting memory. A special person deserves a special thought. ‘There is no better tribute to the deceased than the monument where the deceased's memories are kept.’

For many people, it is good that an object is not recognized as an ‘urn’, but as an exclusive sculpture, which makes it less difficult to have the ashes of the deceased at home. The models of this artist are hand carved in a traditional natural stone way. There are a number of basic models, however, an urn can be entirely designed according to the demands of the wishes. Partly because of this, it is possible to add a unique personal touch to the urn or sculpture thanks to your own input. Unique works of art for at home or in an urn monument.

Why natural stone?
‘Simple ... because natural stone is one of the oldest materials formed by nature on earth.’

legendURN custom made memorial monuments
legendURN customized urns for cremation ashes
legendURN custom made urn monuments

Ornaments and pieces of hand crafted art, funerary monuments and commemorative statues

This visual artist designs and manufactures ornaments and pieces of hand crafted art, funerary monuments and commemorative statues, as you can see in the picture. Works of art for ashes according to personalization and personal wishes. A sketch design is done in consultation taking into account not only your ideas, but also the possibilities and limitations of the location where the artwork will be located. Placement is possible both in a cemetery, in a garden or indoors. The design of the sketch is often a material sketch so not a computer print, but a 3D model at the scale of the final monument.

Cremation ash urns, grave monuments and memorial statues are made from materials such as glass, lead and copper. These types of materials are durable and change with the influence of time. Light, shadows and rainfall also ensure a constantly changing appearance. 'Because of my visual language and the use of materials, my work has a contemplative character. My images are modest and characterized by basic forms and know-how.’

Funeral urns and memorials in a traditional way

This team of enthusiastic employees has been producing funeral urns and memorials in a traditional way for over 20 years. Trained in a professional training course, or trained in the company itself with well-experienced employees, they are up to it for any request. We also collaborate with various artists and designers, as well as workshops in natural stone, glass and metal working for the funeral industry.

In consultation with you and according to your wishes they begin the work. Often after the design phase the manufacturing starts on the turntable, on which the urns are formed. Some models are built by hand. The decorations are also made and applied by hand. In this way, all products can be customized according to your wishes.
Whether it’s following a beloved one’s death or to commemorate an important event; for whatever reason you want to build a monument. It will be created and designed for that person or this unique opportunity. This may take the form of an urn, but also a commemorative stone, a tombstone plate, a cover plate for an urn cellar or an image on a pillar.

A memorial specially designed as you wish.

Modern design to elegant design to timeless designs

With dedication and a lot of experience, we would like to guide you in formulating your wishes. This artist started in 2003 as an independent trader, but the company quickly became a team of enthusiastic and experienced professionals. 'We are able to turn your idea into a high quality product, and the short lines between us and our workshop make the process of ordering and delivery easier.'

The company offers a wide range of cremation ash urns and monuments ranging from modern design to elegant design to timeless designs. We want to remember loved ones who have died with appropriate beauty and recognition. Urns and monuments are custom made in the studio. We are happy to associate our know-how with your personal wishes or your own design. Our urns and monuments are aesthetic, unique, practical and easy to maintain. High quality products are manufactured using the latest techniques and materials. Complete elements or even parts of funerary monuments, urns and objects of applied art are also manufactured and designed in metal in our shop.